The Best Prenatal Videos on YouTube That’ll Keep You Fit Throughout Your Pregnancy

The best prenatal videos on YouTube that’ll keep you fit throughout your pregnancy. Great yoga, pilates and home workouts for your first, second and third trimester.

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I’m now a happy 9 months pregnant and truly feeling the weight of my little baby to be and his/her movements inside my tummy. Now that I’ve decided to slow down a little bit on my fitness activities as the finish line is in sight and my tummy is getting just a little bit uncomfortable. I’ve made sure to compile a list of the best prenatal videos on YouTube that have kept me fit, healthy, flexible and feeling great. Now you can use them to do the same.

They’re all completely free to watch and are tried and tested by myself and other mums to be multiple times. So if you’ve been cleared by your doctor/midwife/physician and can safely partake in prenatal fitness activities. These are some great, not too long, not too strenuous YouTube videos that are perfect at keeping you fit throughout your three trimesters.

I’ve ordered than into trimesters and also activity (yoga, pilates or home workouts). As well as adding a section in the third trimester for videos that use a birthing/exercise ball as this is when I started to use one. If you haven’t yet looked into one, I’d recommend getting one earlier on in your pregnancy as they’re great for exercising, support and stretching + in labour too!

The Best Prenatal Videos on YouTube For Your First Trimester

Pilates –

Yoga –

Home workouts –

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How to Get Over a Wounded Ego [Tips]

Felt that sting of a wounded ego recently? Don’t worry, we all have those times where it feels like someone stabbed our heart with their words or wounded us emotionally – and there are ways of getting over it.

Here are a few tips on how to get over a wounded ego and get back to the calm and collected you.

In a world full of high expectations and people who simply don’t think before they speak. It can be easy to find yourself with a wounded ego. This can be the case even if you don’t have a big ego, as sometimes it’s the people with the smallest of egos that can get the most hurt.

How To Get Over a Wounded Ego

Words are just words

Sounds simple enough, but many of us forget this simple fact. What if the words of others were simply just words that floated through the air? Instead of mini weapons that can pierce deep into our heart and wound our ego or self-worth.

The next time you find someone’s words hurting your feelings and undermining your self-worth, think – does there opinion really matter that much? And let the words fly by you like a leaf in the breeze.

A lot of the time people can say things with no bad intention and they still hurt, especially when it’s a family member or friend. Take the words in your stride and remember that there can often be times of misinterpretation and they probably didn’t even mean it in a way that was supposed to hurt you. If you feel comfortable enough to ask them, do. If not, and they continue onto a new topic or there’s wellbeing in their tone. It might be best to realise there isn’t a bad intention there, and it could be more concern than anything else.

You Don’t Have to be the Best

A lot of the times our ego fights to be the best. Whether to you, that means getting your perfect job, looking the best or having the most lasting and loving relationship. This can be a battle that is never won and based on unrealistic expectations a lot of the time. In a world run by social media, this can be something that is almost uncontrollable, making us feel competitive and comparing ourselves to others without a second thought.

Remember that you are unique, just like everyone else. There shouldn’t be any measure of success, as a lot of the times what we do in life is down to circumstances and motivation. If you’re lucky you can make something out of that, if not you may be doing the same job your parents do – there’s nothing wrong with that. Also, everyone works through life at their own rate. A friend of yours might be earning 100,000’s of dollars a year, whilst another has stopped working to start a family – who is the best? It’s just personal perspective. Don’t strive to be better than anyone – create your own goals and work at your own pace – then nothing will be a competition in life.

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The Balanced Life Pilates With Robin Long: Prenatal Pilates Series on YouTube | Review

Prenatal Pilates Series Review
The Balanced Life Pilates With Robin Long: Prenatal Pilates Series on YouTube | Review

Are you looking to start Robin Long’s Prenatal Pilates Series on YouTube?

The 5-day video series is a great way to stay in shape – whether you try it as a one-off or you’re looking to shape up week by week throughout your pregnancy.

Things to know:

  • URL
  • Duration: Between 10 to 19 minutes (Quick sessions)
  • Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate
  • Price: Free!
  • Yoga Teacher: Robin Long

I really enjoyed this short session of prenatal pilates. They’re great if you are looking for low-intensity workouts that still show great results.

The thing that I love about pilates is that it’s based around your core strength and toning up your wobbly bits. So if you’ve gained a few pounds or maybe 20 pounds since becoming pregnant, which is completely normal – this prenatal pilates series could be perfect at helping you stay toned and in shape. Plus, it’s fantastic for your charisma too!

A few things to expect from Robin Long’s Prenatal Pilates Series on YouTube:

A Great Teacher

Robin comes across as a very friendly pilates teacher, one that you can relate to. Plus, she’s pregnant herself which is always a plus in my books when looking for a prenatal pilates series on the net. She instructs well without over complicating things and much like other pilates teachers, she always warns not to partake unless your doctor has said it’s ok to exercise. Also, not to over-do it – as you’re holding a precious life, after all, one which is more important than reaching that last rep or holding that position whilst straining.

No Sweat

If you’re feeling a bit hot at the moment in your pregnancy like I am (I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant whilst writing this blog), then it can be quite easy to work up a sweat. But when I first started this video series and I’m still repeating it to this day, I was in the first trimester. Back then I didn’t necessarily work up a sweat, but I did feel my temperature rise and my muscles burn.

As long as you can feel the exercises taking effect and you take them on with complete effort and concentration without overdoing it – you’ll probably find yourself on the dry side too. But, I don’t think that’s a bad thing – it’s all down to your individual fitness level and the temperature of your room. So choosing to start your day with one of these prenatal pilates videos is great or even doing it before bed as you’ll most likely feel clean still.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more full on workout – try two or more videos in a row. This is a great pilates series for beginners or intermediates. Not the easiest pilates workout you’ll find on the internet, but one you’ll feel the benefits of afterwards – which is the main thing.


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5 Signs Your Soul is Trying to Reach Out to You

Got a feeling that your soul is trying to reach out to you?

A lot of the time when you find yourself feeling out of sync or questioning what you are doing in life or the way you are acting. These can be signs that your true self or soul is trying to reach out to you.

What is the soul or true self?

For centuries mystics, philosophers and the likes have been trying to pinpoint the meaning of our soul. At times this can often complicate the term, giving it multiple means and some simply think its just something that is mentioned in books and the occasional film. But it’s also something that has been talked about for millennia – so it has to have some relevance if it’s still being talked about in the 21st century – right?

The soul is defined as being part of us – separate but interconnecting with our physical and emotional being. It’s the spiritual part of us that many choose to ignore. Which is so very easy in this modern day and age when we tend to follow the rules of society on everything from how we should dress, act, speak etc. and all of this is done subconsciously! So what can we do to change this and be more true to ourselves?

If we chose to listen to our soul or true self, rather than looking externally for guidance and validation – we could be much closer to finding our true purpose in life and any spiritual skills we may have hidden in our subconscious.

Here are 5 ways your true self or soul is trying to reach out to you and it may be time to connect with it:

1. Feel it in your gut

Just Breathe

Last year I wrote a blog on the relationship between the gut and brain which speaks of how our guts are seen as our second brain. Something that has been scientifically researched many times.

When you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you ‘something doesn’t seem right here’ or you feel you’re not doing something to the best of your ability, say in your work life. This is one clear sign that your soul is trying to warn you that it may be best to stop here or to make a change.

Whether it’s a certain person who may seem friendly, but makes odd comments which seem manipulative or maybe makes a backhanded compliment. It’s probably time to look elsewhere for company. Think about how the relationship may affect you in the long run – are they supportive or are they critical and unhelpful?

The same goes for workplaces. Many of us stick out a job just for the money or maybe it’s easy. But if you know deep down you could be challenging yourself more – why not take the risk and see what happens? Try something new or go for that other job opportunity that catches your eye. If you get a good feeling from your gut – that’s also a sign!

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Dealing With Social Anxiety In The Moment [Tips]

Just Breathe Advice

Ways of dealing with social anxiety at the moment when it happens

Racing heart, frozen in thought, sweaty hands – sound familiar? Many people who have social anxiety know all too well about the common side effects that come with it. Often brought up in times spent with strangers or even your friends and family.

What brings about social anxiety?

One of the biggest reasons we suffer social anxiety is not actually down to an ‘anxiety’ as such. The collection of thoughts and physical responses can actually be seen from a more simpler point of view; it’s our natural fight or flight response.

More often than not when we feel social anxiety starting to take a hold – grabbing us by the chest, making us sweat and making it hard to utter words. It is our humane fight or flight response being triggered – which is completely normal, but not always pleasant. Especially when you just want to enjoy a conversation and go with its natural flow.

This defensive reaction happens for a reason – well it did centuries ago when we needed to protect ourselves from things like wild animals and confrontations.

When we enter a social situation, if we have thought about it beforehand and conjured up feelings of dread. We walk into the situation with a negative mindset, expecting an unforeseen threat. Sometimes we don’t even need to foresee negative things happening in the future situation, it happens there and then.

Now that we’re there in that social situation, our eyes dart around thinking, how am I going to react to what he says? Is she going to make an unnecessary sarcastic comment again and so on. And there you go – boom! The symptoms start, often with a racing heart, leading to a tight chest, lack of words and so on…

So now that we know what can often trigger social anxiety, or put more simply our fight or flight response. What can we do at that moment when we’re there and ready to tackle those reactions once and for all?

Avoid thinking in advance

This one can help a day in advance or a week before an event/gathering, as well as just a few seconds before a social situation.

Example –

You’re at a family birthday party – your uncle is coming closer, making eyes in your direction, hinting ‘i’m coming your way in a moment’.

The typical social anxiety symptom that often plays out right now is the ‘Omg, I don’t want to talk to him’, ‘It’s been like two years, what will I say’ and so on. Therefore your body starts portraying those unwanted symptoms and now you’re thinking in advance about what to say, how not to act and so on.

So instead – take a breath, accept that he is going to start a conversation with you. Keep that in mind and don’t start roleplaying the conversation in your head, simply react when you’re meant to react, and that is in the actual conversational moment. That way, all your brain power is used at the moment and you don’t think ‘I could have done that better’ afterwards, as you would have responded naturally.

Tip – When you find yourself forecasting future conversations, you can probably think of a thousand bad things that could happen. So start to see conversations in a more neutral light, accepting that all conversations are unique and there is no right and wrong.

You’re more complex than you think and you can hold a conversation by not overthinking it in advance, just let your words flow. Try this first with someone you feel pretty much always comfortable talking to and then start trying them out with acquaintances, that till lady you see every week and so on.

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Tonic YouTube Prenatal Yoga | Review

Just Breathe Advice

If you are starting your pregnancy or know someone who is at any stage of their 8 miracle months. Why not recommend Tonic YouTube Prenatal Yoga for Pregnancy?

Things to know:

  • URL
  • Duration: Between 10 to 60 minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate
  • Price: Free!
  • Yoga Teachers: Katie Appleton & Tammy

It’s free and you can do it in your own time…

This Yoga series is one of the first I have tried since finding out I am pregnant. The news has changed my way of viewing the world, it’s worth to me, the importance of friends and family and health. The health part is always something I’m looking to get better at. So since I’ve been reviewing Yoga playlists for a while now, why not review a prenatal / pregnancy yoga one?

Maybe you’re not pregnant, but are trying to be pregnant and need all the help you need.

Either way, there are plenty of benefits to yoga for your body and mind. Here are a few things that you can expect from this series:

Short and longer sessions

One of the great things about Tonic Youtube Prenatal Yoga videos is that they vary in length. This could be seen as a little bit inconsistent, but on a lighter note, it’s also realistic. I don’t know if it’s just me, but especially in pregnancy and in the first trimester. I found that some days I had more energy than others and having to pick between longer and shorter sessions is always a good thing for me. When looking for any type of yoga, pilates or workout video online – I usually start by looking at the duration, as we all live busy lives!

  • Pick between 10 minute and 50+ minute videos.

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4 Relaxation Techniques For Your Morning

When it comes to mornings, it can be easier to run around and get things in a muddle. Rather than starting the day with a steady head and taking things on more efficiently.

Using these relaxation techniques for your morning and you can set off to a great start – relaxed in your mind, body & soul. Ready to take on what the day ahead brings your way.

4 Relaxation Techniques For Your Morning

Become Aware

Just Breathe Advice

This is by far the most effective relaxation technique I use. If you find yourself procrastinating and simply overthinking, it’s a good idea to scoop your senses back into the present moment.

Here are a few steps:

  1. Wherever you are, as long as you are not driving or handling heavy machinery – take a look around
  2. Notice what’s going on around you, even if you may be at home and nothing seems to be happening, then look at some objects that catch your eye
  3. Now, listen. What do you hear? A car passing by, children playing, birds singing? Listen to one sound, then pick up another, and another and so on
  4. Lastly, feel what’s around you and on you i.e the clothes touching your skin and the air on your face and hands. Notice that when you breathe in the air is cold and when you breathe out the air is warm

This is great in the morning as it means you can leave your house or lead your day being fully aware.


Just Breathe

You may have heard of this one before as a go-to relaxation technique. But many people assume you have to sit completely still for a long period of time to get any effects, but this is not the truth.

Start meditation, if you don’t already, by doing the relaxation technique in ten-minute sessions. Doesn’t seem long enough? For starts it’s all about how you handle time with yourself and if you can sit there without thinking too much for ten minutes. Test yourself! You never know if you’re a natural at meditation until you try.

Here are a few of my previous articles that can help you get started:

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How To Grow Self Love: 4 Helpful Techniques To Build Self Esteem

When it comes to love; it can be easier to build affection towards others and their characteristics, rather than giving thanks for our own.

Grow self love

We can look to grow self love for ourselves in order to build self esteem and reduce negative thinking.

Whenever we speak to ourselves, whether its a subtle mutter under our breaths or a thought; we can take it personally; just as if someone else said it to us. Therefore when we tell ourselves ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘I should be better than this’. Our brains instantly believe what we are saying, even if its just subconsciously.

But if we tell ourselves these negative things on a day to day basis, we begin to live our lives according to our judgements on ourselves. This can then affect our actions and make us act in ways we would rather not. If you suffer from low self-esteem you may believe that it’s extremely hard to talk to new people or talk about your benefits and key positive personality traits in a job interview. But this is not true – it all comes down to perspective and how you see yourself.

You can begin to grow self love today and start to see the mental benefits. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, these techniques can work towards a mind that speaks more positively of yourself, and full of self-love and appreciation.

Saying No To The Inner Critic

Grow self love

It can be easier to listen to your inner critic that loves to tell you things about yourself that only you would know. Rather than the kind-hearted soul and mind that lies in all of us.

We can learn to love ourselves by swapping the negative inner critic that resides in us for a newer toned voice; one that supports you with all your quirks.

Instead of telling yourself these typical thoughts below, try changing them for the newer version to the right:

  • You aren’t good at your job = there are ways I could be better at my job, but that all comes with time and learning
  • Noone will truly love me = I have yet to find someone who truly understands me, but I will one day. Plus, I can learn to love myself; that is enough in itself
  • I’m uglier than my friend/boyfriend/coworker = I’m not less attractive than anyone, as every person is unique and beautiful in their own way

Now can you see how it can be easy to change the inner critic into an understanding and loving one? You can do this with many of your repetitive negative thoughts. It’s as simple as realising that the thoughts are there and taking active steps to change your thought pattern. This can take time to do, but it’s better to start now than never. Give it a few weeks or months and you will see yourself being kinder to your inner being and that will reflect onto the outside world.

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Discovering Open Eye Meditation: Beginner Steps

Have you ever looked into open eye meditation and its benefits? Find beginner steps below to get you started.

Discovering Open Eye Meditation: Beginning Steps

I discovered open eye meditation by chance about a year ago. I was listening to a guided meditation and the teacher recommended trying the practice out that day with my eyes open.

At first, I was a bit reluctant – saying to myself ‘Is that even possible’? ‘Isn’t that just staring at the wall’? For the first minute or so that’s exactly what it was. Me just second-guessing the practice and not really concentrating on any meditation techniques. But as soon as I dropped all judgement and opened myself up to a new way of practising with open eye meditation; it all seemed to make sense.

When we are going about our day, we don’t walk around with our eyes shut in a meditative state. That way we’d simply be stumbling around without knowing what we are doing. But what if we could take that meditative and relaxing state with us when we have our eyes open and reconnect with the outside world?

Here are steps to get you started with Open Eye Meditation:

Step 1 – Dealing With Distractions

Try not to get distracted

When we partake in closed eye meditation, it can be easier to block out any distraction as we are not using our physical eyes. But as soon as we open our eyes and make ourselves focus without being taken away by thoughts or distractions. You can take your meditation practice to a whole new level.

  • Sit down in a comfortable position
  • Pick a spot on the wall or an object directly in line with your eyesight
  • Relax your eyes as much as possible – whilst keeping them energetic
  • Try not to get distracted by any movement that you see – keep staring at the spot on the wall

The key is to try and focus directly on the spot on the wall; try not to look away. Once you’re focussed; breathe slowly and deeply to take yourself into a state of relaxation and just keep on going!

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Day 20 – 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge: Review

Here’s my review of the last 20 Days of the 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge.

It’s taken me slightly longer to get here compared to other yoga challenges I’ve taken (because of the extra 10 days). But it’s been well worth it!

Snap Shot of The Course:

  • Video Duration: Between 20 to 35 minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate
  • Price: Free!
  • Yoga Teacher: Mariya Gancheva from the Kundalini Lounge
  • URL

Mariya’s 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge was the first big commitment I’ve made to focus on yoga for more than a month. I’m only halfway there but I’m really getting with the flow of things and getting in touch with my body more and more with each session.

I chose this challenge as I had heard that it was full of breathing exercises – perfect! I’m always looking for new ways to improve my breathing habits. Do you often go to fast breathing or chest breathing? This playlist will work perfectly at directly pinpointing any reasons or tension to relieve this need to hyperventilate at times of stress or anxiety.

Benefits – 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge

Breathe Of Fresh Air

Yoga Challenge Review

Find your nasal and sinus system blocked or restricted in the morning? If you suffer from hayfever or other allergies like myself, you may find yourself with a blocked nose and sinus system when you wake up in the morning.

Therefore diving straight into meditation or simply going about your day may be a bit of a struggle, with a tissue constantly at the ready. If not, maybe you are just looking for a way to calm your breathing in the morning to take with you throughout your day. Then the 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge can work wonders for you.

Nearly every session in the 20 days that I’ve completed so far contains at least one of multiple breathing techniques. One I have recently learned is Breath Of Fire, a form of Pranayama. It takes a bit more concentration than other breathing techniques as it consists of breathing rapidly whilst pumping your diaphragm in and out. It took me a few times to get into the swing of things, but once I did; I could physically feel my lungs waking up and taking in more of that fresh morning air.

Another breathing technique taught by Mariya is alternate nostril breathing. This one also helped me greatly with my hayfever symptoms. Additionally, it helped me learn that we tend to switch between nostrils, with one taking in more breath than the other. This exercise made me highly aware of this; keeping me in tune with my breathing and taking me out of bad habits like restricting my main breathing nostril at times when I’m feeling anxious.

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